Our Services

Our firm understands that your situation is unique, and Financial Associates is committed to providing you with a customized financial plan that will suit your specific needs. Our clients meet with us one-on-one and together we build a personalized portfolio that carefully weighs the following:

  • your existing financial standing
  • your family situation
  • your risk tolerance
  • your short and long-term financial goals

From this solid information base, we then work to develop your potential and enhance your opportunities, creating a dynamic and robust portfolio that responds to an ever-changing economy. We understand the complexities of the system: tax laws change, new products are offered, and investment strategies can change quickly in a fast-paced world. Using our sophisticated knowledge of the market and responding to its evolution on a day-to-day basis, we use both practical and creative options to advance your interests.

No matter how complex your situation, Financial Associates offers options to help preserve and enhance your current state and increase your confidence.

Investment Management

If you own stocks, bonds, real estate or commodities, knowing how to allocate your portfolio is essential to your investment success. We will define realistic long-term objectives, develop your plan to help ensure you have a proper asset allocation, and diversify your portfolio to help protect against the unforeseen.

Financial Planning

The cornerstone of any successful financial program, personal financial planning is a process of taking into account your desired lifestyle, priorities, and risk profile. We evaluate your life situation to create a balanced and realistic plan tailored to meet your short and long-term goals.

Estate Planning

For most individuals, an estate plan is an essential component of responsible financial management. You can benefit from an estate plan if you are or have been married, have children, own real estate in more than one state, or have recently experienced significant growth in your assets. Financial Associates will work with you to organize the paperwork and processes of your estate plan, which will allow it to operate as intended at significant life events.